The artist's caravan of
  • Saturday 28th of October 2017

The artist's caravan of "Chelcheragh"; at the Arba'een Hosseini Pilgrimage

In the caravan addition to actors, producers, writers, and directors, some of the cultural cinema directors of the Islamic Republic of Iran are also present.

Among the artists who participated in this trip are named; Habib Ahmadzadeh (writer), Afsaneh Bayegan (actor), Mohammad Hossein Haghighi (director), Morteza Shayesteh (Producer), Alireza Tabesh (Farabi Cinema Foundation CEO), Amir Samavati (Producer), Alireza Alavian (Dub), Arsalan Ghasemi (Actor), Mohammad Solooki (Presenter), Dariush Yari (documentary), Bahram Azimi (animator), Mohammad Reza Abbassian (Producer and Documentary), Mohsen Afshani (Actor), Mohammad Reza Shafiee (Producer), Mohammad Ali Shabani (documentary), Majid Esmaeili (producer and animator), Ebrahim Sheibani (director).