Chelcheragh Festival became International / An attempt to promote the Husseini culture in the world
  • Saturday 28th of October 2017

Chelcheragh Festival became International / An attempt to promote the Husseini culture in the world

Mojtaba Amini, producer and actor of cinema and television, and the secretary of the Chelcheragh Festival about the television program Chelcheragh Festival said: the past year, for the first time, a national and artistic work for the "Imam Hussein" with the intention purity of the art community and the association of artists community For "Imam Hussein (pbuh)"; was named the National People’s Festival Chelcheragh.

He continued: The opening of this festival was held in Eid al-Adha, and then during the week of screening works in the cinema of Pardis Mellat, and the festival closing was held in Eid al-Ghadir. Approximately 2,000 works in 13 sections were received by the secretariat of the festival.

Amini stressed that: in addition to short films, telefilm, long documentary, short documentary, long animation, short animation, long screenplay, short screenplay, photo and posters, 6,000 works in the field of photography, we handed over to the festival that gave an Imam Hosseini mean.

He stated that: after the festival, the headquarters planned for Arba'een Hosseini, and for the first time the dispatched a caravan of artists to the Holy Shrines in our country, and in Arba'een Hosseini, the 40 artists, with the Chelcheragh caravan artists, went to the pilgrimage of Imam Hussein (pbuh).

He added: Due to the good events and the goodness of the festival, we decided with the secretariat of the festival that we would hold this festival in the form of two years and so we dispatch friends to the first of Muharram, will begin the works of the second year of the festival from the first Muharram of this year, until at the beginning of the year 2018 be held the second round of the festival. With the difference that after the first year of experience that the Chelcheragh Festival was held in national section, it would be held internationally for the second year.

The director continued: We intend by internationalizing the festival, the other countries in culture & art field also involve with Imam Hussein (pbuh) subject, Therefore, due to the support and attention of culture & art people, the television program It was designed in the days of Moharram and Safar from the first of October to the end of November in 40 sections on the National Media Antenna and will call the festival in this program and in this 40 parts to pay the subject of Imam Hussein (pbuh) & art too.

The secretary of the Chelcheragh Festival said: in this program the subject of art & Imam Hussein (pbuh) with the participation of leading artists in various fields of cinema, television, visual arts, performing arts, photographers, documentaries and all artists worked in the field of culture and art with the subject of Imam Hussein (pbuh), we studied features and the guests of the program are include; artists and the program is directed by Mohammad Reza Shahidifar.

The actor and producer of cinema remarked: Often the content subjects that are discussed in the national media by the artists will come with a special audience, because people love artists and discuss the content of the religious discussions from their expression, is attractive for the people. We tried to examine the artist’s experiences in the religious field in order to get familiar with the general audience with the second series of the Chelcheragh Festival, and on the other hand, artists would work harder to produce a great religious work on Imam Hussein (pbuh).